Why Suncity School

Sangeet for all

Sangeet 4 all brings a brand new music education programme to Indian schools that instills a lifelong foundation and love for classical Indian music. Sangeet 4 All is based on the philosophy that all children are musical and deserve to engage in a fun way with their cultural heritage. The Sangeet 4 All programme introduces two unique instruments: the Swatarang and Bansi. The general classroom instruments include a small percussion instruments’ kit and Swarmandal.

The S4A curriculum has three main strands: Sing. Play. Learn.


In S4A we believe that proper vocal training from a young age builds essential tools for the child. When we train children from the beginning in the correct use of voice that does not strain the vocal chords, we build a strong foundation for singing.


Play – the word not only emphasizes practice but fun games and activities through which a child forms a lasting bond with the subject, motivating him/her to learn more every day. Class Teachers and parents go through a special orientation to understand how they can in their individual capacities carry the programme forward.


This strand is based on the belief that all children from the day they are born, wish to learn.

Music helps children in building a positive attitude towards learning.

Sangeet for all