Shri Laxmi Narain Goel

Shri Laxmi Narain Goel

Managing Trustee

"SUNCITY SCHOOL intends to develop social awareness among students by honouring all RELIGIONS and promoting commitment to the community and nation as a preparation for taking their rightful place in the WORLD."

A child’s education is a unique process - formulated by mankind - to unlock natural potential and, also, to instill a desire to learn.

Imparting knowledge and wisdom, instilling ‘Sanskaar’, an ability to distinguish between right and wrong, emphasizing on teamwork, preparing a child for his or her quest in life, especially in today’s rapidly advancing world, are the processes involved in educating a child –and this endeavor has taken on a whole new meaning, in today’s digitalized environment.

In this scenario –where modernism is driven by technology - it brings about among these children, a need, greater than ever before, for ‘Sanskaars’ ; our values, which as anchors, have stood the test of time as well as played their role in making the nation we aspire to belong to.

Today’s child truly believes in a global world, competing with peers beyond borders, in every conceivable area of expertise that India too is honing from a nascent stage.

Suncity School is a step in that profound direction. It aims to be a school with global standards and facilities, yet retaining, all that is beneficial, of the Indian ethos. Education at the institution is a movement that prepares its children with tomorrow in mind, rooted in the heritage of yesterday.

Meeting the knowledge explosion head on, Suncity School has put in place modern methods of learning making it the fulcrum of this movement. At Suncity we endeavor to be an institution that will produce the leaders of tomorrow, children who shall remain ahead – ‘Agrani’.