Mr. Ankit Goel

Mr. Ankit Goel


"WHEREVER there is a dream in life that TRANSFORMS into a vision, that vision takes shape as many missions. - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"

Words that travelled through time and space to find an echo in the Suncity Group as we lay the foundation stone of Suncity School.

We at Suncity, believe that children are the builders of a new dawn; the architects and ushers of a new world order. Suncity sets its own yardstick of educational excellence through innovation, perseverance and dedication through ideation.

The school is constantly engaged in self-improvement and innovation.

For this reason, the school believes in treating each student as a unique individual and a personality in progress. Immense importance is attached to character formation and 'character building’ since ‘character forms the backbone of a great personality.'

Through powerful education programmes, fine values and sound morals are imparted to the children-from tiny tots to teenagers.

Through these character -building exercises, the students develop self-reflective skills and a sense of self-esteem. Furthermore, the secular and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the school engenders in the students respect and tolerance for all communities and diverse cultures.

Life is not just about living for one’s own self but to do something for entire humanity. Living up to this ethos, Suncity has implemented a student-led initiative called ‘ARPAN’ which provides basic education to the under-privileged.

Today’s youth are the leaders and team builders of tomorrow. We put in our utmost to groom them to boldly face the challenges that await them in the future. The progress and future of a nation depends upon the youth and how well nurtured they are and this in turn determines the destiny of the world.