Why Suncity School


The education of gifted children must be informed by research based practice and ongoing evaluation and improvement. The learning environment should provide educational pathways and appropriately challenging enrichment, extension and acceleration experience. Gifted children have the best opportunity to realize their potential if Parents/ Guardians &educators work together.

Keeping the above principles in mind at Suncity we have clear mandates that most gifted and talented learners will be taught in mainstream classes however using a differentiated curriculum.

Some of the practices followed are highlighted below -

  • Cluster grouping of like-minded peers
    • Group discussion
    • Increased participation in Co-curricular programmes
    • Stress on Multiple intelligence
  • Differentiated assignments- CRAB (Challenging, recapitulation, advanced, basic).
  • Added facilities for research- ASK to ASK U and beyond, Project based learning- PBL, Research given for special subject weeks and innovative children awarded.
  • Peer teaching
  • Participation in Olympiads, external competitions
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Higher order thinking problems- specially framed question papers and assignments
  • Reduction of time and enhancement of complexity – Critical thinking enhancement and decision making by applying to real life situation based on ASK, the Suncity methodology.