Central Board of Secondary Education

The school offers the CBSE curriculum

The school’s approach to learning is a holistic one in a non – judgmental atmosphere. The curriculum is divided into themes, interweaving different subjects – thus making the teaching learning process inter – disciplinary. The broad objective is for the students to interpret, apply, evaluate and synthesize information facilitated by the best teaching practices.


The school offers scholarship to existing and new students of Grades IV.

The Scholarships offered is merit based, and is awardedfor:

  • Academics
  • Sports- Only National and International achievements
  • Creative pursuits-Only National and International achievements

Application Procedure:

Scholarship candidates are required to fill the Scholarship form, available with the PRO, every calendar year.

Academic scholarship:

Scholarship may be offered to students securing 90% and above aggregate in academics aggregate in the previous session.

The parents need to submit the complete report card of the previous session along with the duly filled in scholarship form.

Sports / Creative pursuits scholarship:

Scholarship may be offered to students achieving ranks in National and International competitions in the previous session.

Scholarship is subject to review and approval by the Principal.

All Scholarships granted are reviewed annually & are based on the continued performance of the awardee.

For further information on scholarship, kindly contact the PRO office.