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Suncity School is located in a lush green, centrally located residential township of Greenwoods city.

The school follows the CBSE curriculum incorporating progressive teaching methodologies. The parent branch, which our students will eventually join, offers a choice of boards to students- The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and IBDP.


We believe academic learning should be accompanied by a strong set of values that help our students make the right choices and decisions at every stage of their lives.




All classrooms at Suncity School are ergonomic in design – modern in look and feel, as well as allowing optimum natural light to filter in through large windows, creating a pleasant ambience.


The school has four state of the art science laboratories. Well-equipped with specimens, models, apparatus and chemicals, they inculcate in our students inquisitiveness and scientific temper.

Library With E – Facility

The abode of knowledge lies in the aesthetically designed library in Suncity School with a fully automated e-library.

Multiple Intelligence Learning Centre ©

In the 1900s French psychologist Alfred Binet tried to come up with some kind of measure that would predict the success or failure of children in the primary grades of schools.

Activity Centres

We believe participation in the arts develops creativity. In the coming age of global communication and rapid technology advances, our society will value creative abilities as never before.


The state of the art auditorium is housed within the main building of the school. It can seat approximately 300 people.


The refectory, used for communal meals, is at the heart of Suncity School – where students and staff connect with each other outside the classroom in an atmosphere of bonhomie.

Visual Studio

Visual arts at Suncity School helps establish a child’s individual creative identity and uses appropriate ways to develop visual ideas.

Security Features

The school management prioritizes the safety and security of the students within the campus as well as in the school buses and it is of prime importance at all times.

International Academia Wing

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The well-being of a child is of foremost importance at Suncity School, whether it be physical or emotional and the school infirmary addresses both effectively.


The school has an excellent fleet of comfortable, well maintained, air -conditioned buses manned and operated by trained staff. The school transport is provided to students on a first – come – first – serve basis, subject to the availability of seats. The main aim is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient service to our children.

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